Volcom Socks – Multi Patterns

Volcom Socks – Multi Patterns
GET THEM HERE – Volvom Patterns Socks – 3-Pack – Men’s Multi

Plenty of style and color with these Volcom crew socks. These Volcom socks are comfortable and have a durable feel to them. They are made with 85% cotton, 13% eleastane and 2% rubber. They are made to fit snug and they do fit snug, but not to the point of them being uncomfortable. To snag a pair of these multi color beauties click the link above, there are also many other styles and colors to choose from. These Volcom socks are skate socks and provide the much needed cushion for the rigorous activity required. 
Sock Guru Rating
TYPE – Skate Socks


COMFORT – Well padded and plenty of support.

PRICE – $33.95 for 3 pack

RATING – 4 out of 5