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Custom Nike Elite – Superman Galaxy Elite

Custom Nike Elite Socks – Superman Galaxy Elite
The Sock Game is creating custom Nike Elite socks for all those that want a pair. There is a wide variety of custom elite socks and styles available on their website. We love the Elite line of socks from Nike, they have done an amazing job with these. They are so popular people and companies are now creating their own custom version of these socks.
If you are interested in getting a pair of your own custom Nike Elite socks you can check out their selection. If you are willing to drop the coin to grab a pair, we feel you would like them.
Sock Guru Rating
TYPE – Athletic / Basketball / Custom Elites


COMFORT – Comfort and very supportive, too thick and heavy for most to wear as a casual sock

PRICE – Custom Elite socks range from $20-$40

RATING – 4.5 out of 5


Huf – X Snoop Plantlife Crew

Huf X Snoop Plantlife Crew Sock

The Huf sock line is unique and creative. Built and made for a certain type of individual. Here is what Huf Clothing and Huf socks are all about.
“Made by skateboarders, for skateboarders, HUF represents not only a more refined and forward-thinking skateboard brand, but also any individual inspired by the vast array of countercultures that parallel skateboard mentality. Do not settle for the status quo.” via Huf’s website.
These Huf Plantlife socks are created for the specific Snoop Dogg line of clothing that they released. These socks also come in a variety of color options. If you want to represent the plantlife and Huf, grab yourself a pair, they are comfortable bright socks.

Sock Guru Rating
TYPE – Skate Socks


COMFORT – Well padded and snug

PRICE – $13.95 a little pricey but these are a featured line.

RATING – 4 out of 5